Presentations & Short Courses


  • Talk by Matthew Helgeson: “The Mechanism of Shear Banding in Worm-like Micelles: Rheo-SANS Measurements of Microstructure and Structure-property Relationships.”
  • Talk by Darrin Pochan: “SANS Studies of Shear-thinning and Rehealing Hydrogel Networks from Peptide Self-assembly and Micelles from Charged Block Copolymer Self-assembly.”
  • Poster by Monica Branco: “Neutron Scattering Analysis of the Dynamics and Structure of Semiflexible, Self-Assembled Peptide Chain Networks and Wormlike.”
  • Poster by Aaron Eberle: “Colloidal Sticky Spheres – Inter-particle Potential Spanning the Fluid/Gel Phase Transition.”
  • Poster by Dennis Kalman: “Microstructure Measurements of Shear Thickening, Concentrated, Near Hard Sphere, Colloidal Dispersions via 1-2 Plane Flow-SANS.”

ACNS 2008 Short Courses

Neutron Scattering Lectures

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